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What if you had control over how your information appears in the media?

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Creating a buzz with quality, high value added editorial content.

Our aim is not simply to contact journalists and/or influencers, but to provide them with fact-checked, relevant information for the people who listen to them. We produce content dealing with the latest developments in our clients’ businesses and spread the message in the wider media — especially in social media.

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Rémora Paris drafts high-quality attractive content.

Rémora Paris offers an alternative approach to media relations and managing all of your news and info by providing you with your very own “media” and press agency.

your very own media

your very own press agency

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Isabelle Chabot, lawyer


Pierre Gobinet, author of "La Confrérie des Espadons"

Food rebalancing

Estelle Sutton, food rebalancing specialist


Isabelle Chabot


Pierre Gobinet

Food rebalancing

Estelle Sutton



Nathalie Sainseaux

After training as both a jurist and a journalist, Nathalie founded Rémora Paris in 2003. She was able to draw upon her experience working with business and local authorities together with her political public relations skills to work in a broad range of different sectors. She helped to pioneer a new approach to PR, underpinned by digital marketing strategy and inbound marketing techniques.
Senior Consulttant

Bénédicte Ars

After studying law and art, Bénédicte worked in a Paris-based auction house for five years. At the same time, she qualified as a gemologist at the National Gemology Institute in Paris. She spent four years in Madrid moving in diplomatic circles and upon returning to France, she joined Rémora Paris.

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Rémora Paris’ offices are ideally located in the heart of the lively Paris left bank, perfect for an introductory or project follow-up meeting.


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We work in many different sectors and we have just selected one example in each area.


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